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Version v2.0.4 Published on Sun 14 Dec 2014 Changelog:

  • Mod: Google Tasks support is re-added
  • Mod: calendar auto refresh interval is changed to 30 mins from 4 hours
  • Fix: some calendars (with spec characters in their id) couldn't be handled
  • Fix: various tiny fixes

Version v2.0.2 Published on Sun 1 Dec 2014 Changelog:

  • Mod: authentication method changes: password is not used by the gadget anymore
  • Mod: complete rewrite of Google API calls because they've shut down the old API
  • Mod: tasks support switched off (mostly because of very low quota restrictions by Google)
  • Req: url rendering in event descriptions

Version v1.2.4 Published on Sun 9 Sep 2012 Changelog:

  • Fix: custom themes work on OSs with Internet Explorer 9 also (hacking an IE9 bug)
  • Req: gadget-level alerts can be turned off per calendar (try double-click on settings)
  • Req: noDueTasksGoLast advanced setting for being able to order no-due tasks last
  • Fix: simultaneous email & event due alert display fix
  • Fix: +5,6 font size setting and wood theme fix for not default font sizes
  • Fix: white theme extra header buttons fix
  • Fix: various fixes
  • Mod: Updated italian translation
  • Mod: quiet errors setting is gone (it is default and unchangeable)
  • Mod: background "G" image is gone

Version v1.2.3 Published on Thu 15 Oct 2010 Changelog:

  • Mod: Experimental Google Tasks support (works only for standard GMail users, not for Google Apps)
  • Mod: Italian, Russian, Polish and Japanese translations
  • Mod: Event blinking on due is changed for a more obtrusive alerting
  • Mod: New advanced setting: alertMinutesBeforeDue, if > 0, event alerts are displayed x minutes before due
  • Req: Default reminder is set to quick added events
  • Req: New advanced setting: displayInCalendarTimezones, if 1, then events are displayed always as you were in their calendars' timezone
  • Req: New advanced setting: headerButtons.quickAdd, if 1, quick add button is also available on the gadget header
  • Fix: Day spanning events can be made hidden properly
  • Fix: Handling Free/Busy type shared calendars

Version v1.2.2 Published on Wed 05 May 2010 Changelog:

  • Mod: Spanish language support
  • Mod: Several translation fixes
  • Mod: Override calendar names are displayed if applicable
  • Mod: "Show log" link on Settings/Others tab
  • Mod: "Advanced settings" link on Settings/Others tab
  • Mod: "Trace" check box on Settings/Others tab to simplify setting trace mode
  • Fix: Hide past events setting had no effect
  • Req: Current gadget version is displayed (on the menu, at the bottom)
  • Req: Configurable width for feed color marks (on advanced settings)
  • Req: Gadget grows/shrinks on undock/dock (configurable on advanced settings)

Version v1.2.1 Published on Mon 8 Feb 2010 Changelog:

  • Fix: Lithuanian translation fix
  • Fix: German translation fix
  • Fix: Leading zeros were removed from only-numeric-characters-password (try 2)
  • Fix: -1 error on clicking non-recurring events of a readonly calendar
  • Fix: double email notification whens there are more than 20 unread mails
  • Fix: days of day spanning events shouldn't be displayed if they are in the past
  • Mod: Event text blinks from about 5 minutes before start for 10 minutes. If configured, notification sound is also played when start blinking
  • Mod: Inconsistent full-day events are also displayed

Version v1.2.0 Published on Fri 27 Nov 2009 Changelog:

  • Req: Settings are stored for being used after version update or gadget reinstall.
  • Req: Gmail notifier works for Google Apps also
  • Req: The user can configure that finished events on today are shown or not
  • Req: Displayed day interval length can be set free (still limited) instead of the combobox.
  • Req: Customizable sound on new mails
  • Fix: Leading zeros were removed from only-numeric-characters-password.
  • Fix: Characters like & and < can be used now in quick add.
  • Fix: In certain circumstances an "gd$eventStatus.value is null or not an object" error occured.
  • Fix: Persistence storage works again
  • Fix: New mail notifier is changed to be smarter
  • Mod: Language handling change: translation is easier
  • Mod: Lithuanian translation

Version v1.1.9 Published on Fri 6 Nov 2009 Changelog:

  • Mod: A menu is introduced instead of the small buttons at the top
  • Mod: Manual refresh possibility
  • Mod: Gmail notifier functionality (only for users)
  • Mod: Events with exact end time (not full-day events) are not shown after their end time
  • Mod: Not only the actual, but all occurences of a repeating event are deleted
  • Mod: New default theme
  • Mod: Danish translation (thanks to: Kasper)
  • Mod: German translation (thanks to: oixio)
  • Fix: "Home" button should finally redirect to the proper hosted page in the case of hosted users only
  • Req: Calendar colors now can be also shown by event text colors
  • Req: A few more selectable font sizes
  • Req: Today and tomorrow is displayed as today and tomorrow, not as date
  • Req: Quiet errors setting: if it is set (by default), only the yellow mark shows that an error occured
  • Req: Actual date is displayed at the top of the gadget

Version v1.1.8 Published on Wed 19 Aug 2009 Changelog:

  • Fix: The UI looked broken on 120dpi windows display setting
  • Fix: The files which are stored for persistence are ignored now in case of syntax errors in them
  • Fix: Flyout should not be opened while the gadget is reloading and vice versa
  • Fix: Memory leak fix (handles)
  • Fix: Font size was changed after some error messages (for example Google internal error)
  • Fix: "Home" button redirects to the hosted page in the case of not users
  • Req: Height is allowed to set up to 2000 pixels
  • Req: Czech translation (thanks to: clever fox)
  • Req: Chinese translation (thanks to: tankririri)
  • Req: White theme
  • Mod: A bit more descriptive error message for receiving invalid data from Google Calendar service
  • Mod: Scrolling is now based on events instead of days

Version v1.1.7 Published on Fri 29 May 2009 Changelog:

  • Fix: Events ending at 00:00 should not appear on the day of 00:00
  • Fix: Adapted the change in Google API so it is possible to delete events again
  • Mod: Delete removes only an instance, not the series
  • Mod: Now it is possible to hide event occurences in the gadget (without actually deleting them)
  • Req: Added 100 and 365 days for event fetch limiting
  • Req: The last known data is displayed on gadget start, therefore, if the gadget (ie, the OS) is started without live Internet connection, some events are still displayed based on the last successful data fetch from Google.
  • Req: Tooltips for events (unfortunately, you need to click on the gadget first because of Internet Explorer behaviour)

Version v1.1.6 Published on Sun 12 Apr 2009 Changelog:

  • Fix: There were missing events, when a calendar had more than 25 events in the selected interval.
  • Fix: Time format on the flyout was always 18:00 style.
  • Fix: Version check fix (sometimes a date on were treated as latest version depending on client OS region).
  • Fix: Modified reccuring event instances were displayed duplicated sometimes.
  • Req: The Google-color of the calendars can be optionally displayed besides the events.
  • Req: After logging in to a hosted calendar account, home button opens the hosted url in a browser.
  • Req: Font size setting.
  • Req: Gadget width setting.
  • Req: Dutch translation (thanks to Wouter D.)
  • Mod: A few themes.
  • Mod: Donate button so that you can support my work if you wish.

Version v1.1.5 Published on Sat 24 Jan 2009 Changelog:

  • Fix: Occasional "0 Unknown" error message on Settings/calendar list reload (Google Calendar API redirect issue)
  • Fix: Default language is english again
  • Fix: Before logging in, quick add and scroll down buttons are not visible.
  • Fix: Now works on Windows 7 (workaround for html meta encoding bug of IE8)
  • Req: Event information "where" is displayed again on flyout.

Version v1.1.4 Published on Fri 16 Jan 2009 Changelog:

  • Fix occasional invalid json data / syntax error on first event load.
  • Fix event data automatic refresh stop in case of an error.
  • Fix multiple days spanning event handling.
  • On the flyout, the "Where" info is replaced with "Repeat".
  • The displayed data is conserved in case of error, the error message can be hidden and recalled.
  • Google Apps / Hosted accounts are supported from now.
  • Delayed animation of buttons against accidental browser open after scrolling up.
  • Examples are provided at quick add events.

Version v1.1.3 Published on Thu 11 Dec 2008 Changelog:

  • Timezone problems again (in the case of GMT-x, whole day events were shifted a day back)

Version v1.1.2 Published on Thu 4 Dec 2008 Changelog:

  • Scrolling with mouse wheel after a click on a non-link area of the gadget.
  • Directions of scrolling by buttons are exchanged for the usual behaviour.
  • Direct link to Google Calendar
  • New version check (at least while the version display is not changed on windows live...)
  • Event details on flyout with possibility to delete and edit link to Google Calendar
  • Handle special characters in username and password (i.e. '+' sign).
  • Handle "CAPTCHA required" Google API error by providing the user the Google link to unlock.
  • Logging in with email address (that is, not is supported
  • Time part of events after a daylight saving time change should be ok
  • Deleted recurring events are not shown at all (they have been show grayed so far)
  • Quick add events

Version v1.1.1 Published on Wed 22 Oct 2008 Changelog:

  • Timezone fix (at least I hope)

Version v1.1.0 Published on Mon 20 Oct 2008 Changelog:

  • The height of the gadget can be set by user.
  • Time format can be chosen from styles 6:00PM and 18:00.
  • New design, similar to the default sidebar rss reader.