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On this page, the gadget settings are described. The settings window appears on a click on the small wrench icon at the top-right of the gadget, which is the Windows Sidebar gadget standard. The settings panel consits of three pages, in which the setting possibilities are grouped.

Authorization code By clicking "Login" button, a browser window appears, on which Google API service provides information to the user on which services the Gadget requests to use. The user should accept the request by clicking the proper button on the browser. Then an authorization code is shown which should be copy-pasted to the gadget setting textbox. Using this one-time-usable authorization code, the gadget is able to request a token from Google API service, which will be used to access calendar and task data. This way, the user doesn't need to provide with her password to the gadget. Calendar list After logging in, you should click on Reload calendar list button which will load/reload your calendars. You can then check the calendars the events of which you want to be displayed on the gadget UI. Note, that you might have calendars which you see in the original Google Calendar UI, but not in the gadget. The gadget uses Google Calendar API, therefore, only those calendars are available, which are published in Google Calendar API.
Note, that the 3-state checkboxes are used so that alerts can be switched off at calendar level. Use double-click for the 3rd state.
Language You can choose your preferred language for the UI from the dropdown list. Days This is the day limit that will be used for fetching event data from Google. For example, if you set 14 days, the gadget will fetch events that are due in at most 14 days. Width The width the gadget should be displayed with. Height The height the gadget should be displayed with. Font size You can change the font size that is used on the gadget UI if the default setting is too large or small for you. Use colors You can choose how the colors of your Google Calendars should be displayed on the gadget. The following values are possible:
  • No: the colors are not displayed at all.
  • Mark: the colors are displayed as small boxes before the events.
  • Text: the events are displayed with the colors of their calendars.
Time You can choose the preferred time format. The possibilities are the "military format" and the AM/PM version set by the chosen translation. Check new version If checked, the gadget checks at every startup whether new version is available. It is highly recommended to set it checked. Use background You can set whether the logo on the background is displayed or not. Note, that the logo can be disabled by the selected theme, in which case, this setting is not effective. Show hidden items If checked, the events which you hide on the flyout are still displayed. For example, if you accidentaly hide an event, you can unhide it by using this checkbox. Quiet errors Unfortunately, Google Server issues seem to occure quite frequently. Originally, a red error message box were displayed every time when an error occured. To get it around, you can set that the gadget uses quite error displaying strategy, in which case, an error is denoted by only a yellow exclamation mark on the UI. If you want to know the error information, you can click on the mark. Hide past events If not checked, today events are shown until the end of the day even if they are finished. Otherwise, the finished events are not shown. For example, if you have a meeting event from 13:00 to 14:00, this setting decides whether the event is displayed after 14:00 or not. Trace If checked, the gadget generates detailed log information. While communicating with the support, you may be asked to check this setting and send the log to the support. Advanced settings You can find some settings here, which you probably don't need to change:
  • undockedWidth: The width of the gadget in undocked state in pixels.
  • undockedHeight: The height of the gadget in undocked state in pixels.
  • colorMarkWidth: The width of the color marks which are shown when "Mark" is selected on "Use colors" setting.
  • blinkOnAlert: If 0, then event text blink on alert is switched off
  • displayInCalendarTimezones: if 1, then events are displayed always as you were in their calendars' timezone
  • alertMinutesBeforeDue, if > 0 then event alerts are displayed x minutes before due
  • headerButtons.modeChange, if 1, mode change button is also available on the gadget header. Warning: use only if you set the gadget width large enough (cca > 230)!
  • headerButtons.quickAdd, if 1, quick add button is also available on the gadget header. Warning: use only if you set the gadget width large enough (cca > 230)!
  • stickyCalendar (only in Googler): if 1, then mini calendar is displayed by default
  • noDueTasksGoLast: if 1, then no-due tasks are ordered last
Show log The gadget log file is opened with notepad if you click on this link. Theme You can choose your preferred theme/color scheme from the list. Notify sound Possible values are:
  • Default: The default sound is played on new messages.
  • No: No notification sound will be played on new messages.
  • Custom: You can choose your preferred sound. Note, that only .wav files are supported.