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No more 404s (12/2/2014) Thanks again for Google Calendar Agenda, its what gadgets (maybe even computers) should be. ... (11/25/2014) I love this gadget and have been using on my desktop for years. It meets all my needs. ... (11/20/2014) This gadget is the sole reason I use the sidebar at all. Thank You (1/17/2013) I just wanted to say that I have just downloaded Google Calendar Agenda and already I'm impressed with the clean simplicity of it - it does what you would expect with no fuss and I am quite impressed. Thank you for a well-thought-out gadget. Truly excellent! (1/10/2010) I was seriously impressed when I installed this. Works perfectly, and has all the customisation options you'd ever want so you can tweak it to look exactly as you like. Hats off to the author; this is a stellar piece of software. Fantastic Gadget!! (12/7/2009) I LOVE this gadget. I use gcal all the time and this is the perfect way to give me easy access to all my important events and dates. I can add events, subscribe to multiple calendars, open gcal in my browser, and even gmail from the app. There are also tons of settings to customize it how you want and while the skin options are relatively few, there are a couple cool ones at least. All in all, I say this is definitely a worthy app for those who use Google Calendar for all their scheduling. Brilliant (11/26/2009) This is the best Google Calendar gadget out there and the bonus of it checking Gmail too is great! This is one gadget that is a very helpful one and keeps me productive. Thanks! Excellent (11/25/2009) Easy to set up, simple and clean interface, works great! Fantastic Implementation (11/15/2009) The best gadget of its kind. Continuously updated, respectably customizable and easy to use. Awesome job by the creator! Once you figure out Google's quick-add syntax, this gadget quadruples its usefulness. Great app (11/11/2009) This is a really great widget. It's easy to use, clean, and in the latest version (1.1.9) the one or two minor annoyances it had have been fixed. Highly recommended if you need a great calendar widget. Works great, including in Win 7 (11/9/2009) This gadget is great! It's the simplest and most intuitive GCal gadget I've found. I'm using it in Win 7 RC 1 just fine. I've been using for a number of versions now, and am happy with the constant development. Every new version includes features requested by the user. I made a request for an new addition, and the very next version, that feature was added! Thanks! Getting much better! (11/7/2009) I love how you keep your gadgets updated. Many other Windows Sidebar developers do not. I hope Google Apps mail notifier makes it in the next version. Keep up the good work! Awesome (11/6/2009) Brilliant gadget. It's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks man. EDIT: gets a little bit more awesome with each update.