Version history
User comments
These features are available only in Googler, not in Google Calendar Agenda
  • User defined themes are supported
  • Calendar UI by clicking the date at the top of the gadget
  • Week number of the year is displayed in the day tooltips in the calendar
  • You can click on an arbitrary day, even in the past, in the calendar to see what is/was next
  • At quick add, the calendar is shown automatically, and the event date can be chosen

Base functionality

  • Displays your registered Google Calendar calendars (only those that are available by Google Calendar API)
  • Both normal and Google Apps accounts are supported
  • Checks for updates automatically

Calendar features

  • Multiple calendars are supported
  • Modifiable day limit for event data fetch
  • Several calendar color display possibilities
  • Events can be hidden in the gadget without actually deleting them
  • Link to open the selected event in Google Calendar in your default browser
  • Link to open Google Calendar in your default browser
  • Event details are shown on flyout
  • Quick add events
  • Alert functionality a few minutes before event due

Google tasks features

  • You can add, view, complete and delete your Google tasks

User interface

  • Language selection (Your language is not in the list? You can translate!)
  • Gadget width and height can be modified
  • Discrete error messages
  • A few color schemes
  • Modifiable font size