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Googler is the commercial version of Google Calendar Agenda Windows Sidebar gadget. The gadget can be used as trial version by leaving the Key field empty in settings. The only restriction in trial mode is that the title of some events is changed to a constant string indicating that it is trial version.

Googler helps to access quickly and easily your Google calendars on your Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system. Both normal Google Calendar and Google Apps accounts are supported.

Note, that the screenshots on this page were taken when a user-defined theme was applied on the gadget. The default theme of Googler is the same as in the case of Google Calendar Agenda.

To start using the gadget is as simple as you just enter your Google Calendar credentials and choose the calendars that you want to be displayed by the gadget. However, if you like, you can customize the behaviour of the gadget with several options - for the details, please check the Documentation.

Similar to Google Calendar Agenda? Yes. But you will find extra features.

In Googler, you can click on the current date item at the top of the gadget and you get a calendar. This calendar has several features:

  • You can click a day in the future or in the past and the gadget will show you your events starting on that day rather than today.
  • In case of using quickadd function, you can choose the due date by clicking a day.
  • You can just browse the months which gives a nice overview of the days.

The events of the selected calendars are displayed in an agenda view on the gadget. On the sidebar, only the due date/time, and the title of the events are shown. However, by clicking an event, detailed information is shown on the gadget flyout. On the flyout, you can delete (well, this feature is not-so-temporarily removed) or just hide the event, or you can open the event in your default browser on Google Calendar web user interface.

Of course, you can add new events on the gadget with using the standard Google Clendar quick add syntax. The extra feature you have in Googler is that you don't have to write down due date in the quick add command, instead this, you can click a date on the calendar and due date is filled in automatically.

In Google Calendar Agenda, you have the possibilty to choose from some predefined themes, which are in fact color schemes. However, in Googler, you can add user-defined themes to the gadget. You can find some themes below Theme menu.