Sunday, 1 March 2020
Googler and Google Calendar Agenda development is discontinued.
Wednesday, 6 February 2019
Google has recently introduced "restricted scope" to their APIs and classified GMail API as restricted. This shortly means that if an application wants to use GMail APIs, then it must go through an audit process. As it clearly isn't reasonable in the case of these gadgets, all GMail related functionality had to be removed.
Wednesday, 6 February 2019
I Forgot The Milk gadget development is discontinued.
Wednesday, 6 February 2019
New version is available with removed GMail features.
Sunday, 14 December 2014
New version is available with Google Tasks support back and some nice GMail features (only in Googler).
Monday, 1 December 2014
New versions are available. Read more on Version history...
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